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The Angels are Among Us
Swirling gently round our feet
Sparkling eyes shine just like stars
Coats soft, they smell so sweet.

Like new mown hay in summer dew
Or leaves burning in the fall
A fragrance triggers memories
But I stop before I call.

The one I'd call has gone away
To the Rainbow Bridge named place
I'd forgotten in my heart of hearts
I can no longer kiss her face.

Heart in tatters, I break down
Face buried in my hands
And sob for those who've gone ahead
Into that Rainbow Land.

But while I sit in misery
A warmth wraps all around
My inner being and warms my heart
As I sit on the cold ground.

Feather soft breeze brushes by
Caressing cheek and skin
Tears are gone * I feel at peace
Sadness gone upon the wind.

See, we are never left alone
Though times it feels that way
The misty shadows once know to us
Keep all dark things at bay.

Guarding those they've left behind
Though they're no longer seen
Is a job they do with love and care
Away they've never been.

Walking with our every step
With us all throughout the night

Our little angel guardians
Hold us always in their sight.

So, if you're lost and feel alone
You just can't keep the pace

With problems in your home or job
Just think about their face

Then raise your head and whistle out
Into the sky and bide

Your special Angel will be right there

Forever at your side.
.           By Cyndee Walklet 1999
Cyndee Walklet '99

     Faithful Friend


God summoned a beast from the field and he said……


I endow you with the instincts

uncommon to other beasts:

faithfulness, devotion and

understanding surpassing

those of man himself.


Lest it impair your understanding

you are denied the power of words…

Speak to your master only with your mind and through honest eyes.


So be silent, and a friend to man…

This shall be your destiny and your immortality.”

So spake the Lord


And the dog heard and was



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