Text Box: We are the Jacksonville Sheltie Rescue, Inc.
We began our rescue in 1984, and take Shelties in need  from Florida and Alabama . We are affiliated with the ASSA National Sheltie Rescue as well as the  Sheltie  Rescues  throughout the state. We are a 501 c 3 charity.
I am going to make people aware of the available rescued shelties in the Jacksonville, FL, and the rest of the Florida  area. 
 We want to thank Dr. Dwight Nash, San Jose-Beauclerc Animal Hospital, as well as Dr Skip Hightman at Brentwood Animal Clinic. Without their kind hearts, and dedication to animals, we would not be able to do what we are doing!

Generally people think Shelties NEVER get in dire straits.  Let me tell you folks!  We rescued over 65 of those wonderful dogs last year. From  various Animal Controls &  Humane Societies, from the streets, and from  the many people who can’t care for their Shelties any longer. Tis sad  the state of affairs the canine world  is in! This happens in all breeds and there is a rescue for almost every different breed.

We pride ourselves on helping owners keep their Shelties as well. We do this by giving advice on Sheltie problems. Health and behavior being the main causes for relinquishing their Shelties.
Our other passion is helping to find “lost” Shelties, all over the United States. I have found virtually all but 2 Shelties  in cases  where I  traveled to that area and actually searched myself. 
On the last page you can order a booklet “How To Find A Lost Sheltie”

We have an adoption contract and there is an adoption fee charged for our rescued shelties.  They go to their new  home spayed or neutered.  They go to homes with fenced yards.  They must be house dogs, and be considered members of your family. . .
 Shelties are truly  little people in fur coats.

To proceed you will have to complete an adoption application.
We will check your references and do a home visit.

You can help by making a charitable, tax-deductible contribution to 
Jacksonville Sheltie Rescue,Inc
Your donation will go toward offsetting the mounting medical bills associated with these rescues.   All dogs entering our rescue are immediately examined by our veterinarian, who provide spay/neuter, heartwom tests, wormings,vaccines or any other medical treatments prior to adoption.
Older shelties, some with medical or temperament problems may be lifelong residents in our home.
If you would like to make a tax deductible  donation just ask Pay-Pal  to send it to

“With Devotion To The Canine World”

Jacksonville Sheltie Rescue       

Phone: (904) 262-5420                       Email: DDuffey@aol.com

Jacksonville Sheltie Rescue would like to thank the lovely people who have answered our call for help  ! ! ! ! 


Dave & Marilyn Dahl now owned by Cindy—“CC” the monster AND Bella, the little Bi Black girl.

Dr Dan DVM and Mrs Dan Brown DVM

Nonie Willard & Margaret Jones owned by Piper.

Carrie Andolina  who has 2 of our rescue kids

Donna Smith  Owned by Rebound and others.

Kathy & John Mitchell, In Memory of Chief, Tassel, Boomer, RJ & Ginger.

Tom & Mary Mackner in Memory of  Briana.

Diane Anderson

Joe & Jan Pieroni owned by Selena

                                                                                                             Click to go to Memorial Pages

Mr & Mrs J R Bain

Bob & Anne Funkhouser owned by Sophie

Joseph & Frances Rodriguez

Rick & Deb Long owned by Kye & Riley

Robin Scheiderman

Tilly Donoho owned by Custer




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